AcuComm launches annual review of recycling plant development

Source: AcuComm Waste Futures Ltd.

Chichester, UK — Interest in recycling and materials recovery is growing worldwide, and the announcement of 290 new or upgraded plants in 61 countries in 2013 is significant. So  AcuComm Waste Futures has announced the launch of published „The Complete Guide to New Recycling Plant Development 2013“, showing detailled information on the plants and who is involved in their development. The 158-page Guide identifies 290 recycling plant developments in 61established and emerging economies around the world and provides more than 756 direct contacts for those involved in their development.

The Guide is an excellent business development contact source and much more besides.  For each project it includes location, facility type, project value, waste types, development status, capacity, and date of reporting. The Guide is clearly presented alphabetically by country, with extensive indexes allowing fast identification of key information. It is based on data from AcuComm`s market leading business development service Global Waste Business Finder and is the first of a series of global technology-based guides which also cover waste-to-energy, anaerobic digestion and biogas.

Commenting on the launch, Eric Wigart, Chairman of AcuComm, said: „Too much valuable material is still put into landfill or incinerated with obvious costs to society. This Guide is essential for recycling companies and operators and, for the first time, provides a comprehensive overview of the recycling and materials recovery plant development landscape in 2013.  Unlike official statistics, companies are able to review real world developments and drill down into specific sectors and companies.“  As the sector matures, companies must be able to support sales and business plans with first-hand knowledge of who is developing what, and where, and that information is now readily available in this Guide.

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Source: Acucomm Ltd