X-Tract: Tomra Sorting Recycling showcases new x-ray sorting machine at IFAT 2016

X-ray sorting machine X-Tract (Foto: Tomra)

Wedel, Germany — Tomra Sorting Recycling is set to showcase its pioneering x-ray sorting machine at IFAT 2016. In its newly launched format, the ‚X-Tract‘ is an even more powerful and efficient sorting tool, equipped with a new sensor, which further boosts the machine’s performance and stability. For operators, the enhanced sorting system can secure higher metal recovery purity, fewer product losses, consistent product quality and ensure the recovery of salable by-products.

Tomra Sorting Recycling’s designers have further reduced the machine’s operating costs, as well as deliver upgraded fractions. New user-friendly features include an intuitive and flexible touch-screen interface for process control and adjustment. All of this leads to greater yield and increased profits.

The company will also be featuring ‚Tomra Care‘ – a customer care system designed to yield peak performance, long-term operational efficiency, and maximum business value across the entire product lifecycle. Such initiatives reflect the company`s commitment to quality and expertise which exists across its food, recycling, mining and specialty products business streams and explains why the company remains an industry leader.

Jonathan Clarke, Global Sales Director at Tomra Sorting Recycling, underlines: “We are extremely proud to lead the industry. Our expertise in extracting high-purity fractions from waste streams, whilst maximizing both yields and profits, makes IFAT 2016 the perfect stage to highlight our new ‚X-Tract‘. Its advanced features will appeal to a broad range of customers, and its robust build has brought the further advantages of greater efficiency and a longer operational lifespan.

“By presenting Tomra Care at the event as well, it gives us the opportunity to illustrate our commitment to the customer-centric approach. For Tomra Sorting, service begins at the pre- purchase phase where guided decision-making can deliver major benefits for prudent buyers and extends to the operational life of plant facilities.”

Tomra will present ‚X-Tract‘ and more in Hall C2 at Stand 339/438 of the Messe München, Germany, from May 30 to June 3. As always, Tomra`s experts will be on hand to discuss opportunities and sorting solutions for MSW, plastics, e-scrap and other segments sharing their expertise and experience.

Source: Tomra Sorting Recycling