Environment: Survey shows overwhelming UK support for staying in the EU

Source: Chartered Institute of Ecology and Environmental Management

Winchester, UK — A recent survey of Chartered Institute of Ecology and Environmental Management members has shown, on the basis of natural environment considerations, overwhelming support for the UK to remain a member of the EU. The report of the survey results shows that over 93 percent of respondents believed that EU environmental legislation has been beneficial to the UK’s natural environment, and that over 85 percent did not believe that current UK environmental policies would have been delivered to the standard that they are now if we had remained outside the EU.

From a natural environment point of view, 90 percent of respondents said that the UK fared better in the EU, with 8 percent unsure and 3 percent saying that the UK would be better outside. However, the few respondents who believed that the UK’s natural environment would be better served outside the EU still believed that EU legislation had been beneficial and that leaving the EU posed risks associated with job losses and impacts on the profession. Some respondents did however point out that the EU is not perfect and that improvements could be made.

Furthermore, 67 percent indicated that an exit would have a negative impact on their company or organisation; 24 percent were unsure of the impact on their organisation, 7 percent said it will have no effect and just over 1 percent said it will have a positive effect. An exit from the EU would create a large amount of uncertainty in the profession, since 39 percent of respondents were unsure if they will have a job if the UK leaves the EU. Although 48 percent of respondents thought that they would still have a job if the UK left the EU, a significant proportion, 13 percent, stated that they would lose their job.

The full report can be found under cieem.net

Source: Chartered Institute of Ecology and Environmental Management