Live demonstration of TVEplus technology for heavily printed materials

EREMA TVEplus® technology processes even heavily printed materials to make high-quality recycled pellets (Photo: REDBOX Communications GmbH)

Ansfelden, AUSTRIA — EREMA will be exhibiting the INTAREMA® 1007 TVEplus® with an EREMA SW4/104 RTF melt filter from 25 to 28 April at Chinaplas 2016 (Booth no. W1A41). This system will be shown live in action with a throughput of 300-350 kg/h to present the highly efficient recycling of heavily printed LDPE materials. For visitors to the trade fair to see the convincing and outstanding quality of the recycled pellets produced these pellets will be reprocessed directly at the booth to make film.

The high demand for TVEplus® technology is explained by the special challenges faced in recycling processes for heavily printed materials. Binding agents and other additives that are constantly found in the inks, for example, are a problem as they melt at the processing temperatures of the plastic matrix and break down in parts. TVEplus® technology developed by EREMA offers efficient filtration, homogenisation and degassing at the highest level. This means that high-quality recyclates which are, for example, reused in the production of film, can be made even from full-surface and multiple-layer printed film scraps in a single pass.

EREMA’s expansion continues
EREMA is a global market leader in the development and production of plastics recycling systems and components – at the highest quality level. Since it was founded in 1983 EREMA has never stopped developing. Today, over 4,500 EREMA systems are in use around the world.

Last year EREMA was able to continue its successful expansion of recent years. In addition to EREMA China and EREMA North America, „OOO EREMA“ was founded in Moscow at the beginning of 2016. And in spring 2016 the subsidiary EREMA North America, Inc. will more than double the size of its trial centre in the USA in response to the high demand.

The EREMA Group as a whole grew over the last year. A further milestone was set on 1 January 2015 with the founding of the new EREMA sister company PURE LOOP GesmbH which specialises exclusively in the recycling of clean production wastes.

The successful year of expansion in 2015 is confirmation of EREMA’s continuous course of growth with a view to offering comprehensive solutions to the plastics recycling market with its highly diverse application fields and customer requirements.

Source: REDBOX Communications GmbH