EWSI takes part in the first city-wide e-waste recycling program in Shanghai

E-Schrott (Foto: © Karl-Heinz Laube / http://www.pixelio.de)

Shanghai, China / London, UK — E-Waste Systems, Inc. (EWSI) has announced its partnership with Green Initiatives for the first city-wide non-profit e-waste recycling program in Shanghai, China. EWSI is an electronic waste management, reverse logistics, environmentally focused services and technology company and the first pure play public e-waste operator. Green Initiatives is a non-profit organization, focused on implementing behavioral changes in society that lead to sustainability, with a heavy emphasis on proper disposal and reuse programs for e-waste.

„Partnering with Green Initiatives to open mass distribution channels for e-waste downstream is a great addition to the infrastructure we are developing in China,“ said Martin Nielson, Founder and CEO of E-Waste Systems. „The initial challenge of recycling e-waste is to obtain – and then maintain – a steady flow of feedstock. This partnership enables EWSI to direct the e-waste stream of one of the world’s largest cities to our designated EWSI affiliates – and we are doing this under the eWaste brand.“

70 per cent goes to China

The final destination of approximately 70 per cent of the world’s annual 500 million tons of electronic waste, or e-waste, is China. The majority of e-waste import activities are based in and around China’s main ports.According to official statistics, more than 40 million tons of this solid waste was imported in 2010, with an industrial output value of around $23.7 billion.

In 2010 the e-waste recycling and reuse services market value totaled close to $6.8 billion, up from $6.2 billion in 2009. Industry growth is expected to continue on its uphill path at least through the next decade, with collection services alone more than tripling by 2020. In 2010, China is estimated to retain the largest market share, in terms of value, with approximate share of 23.7 per cent.

E-waste drop boxes installed throughout Shanghai

„With the help of Green Initiatives, we will soon have e-waste drop boxes installed strategically throughout Shanghai, and with their campaigning efforts, public awareness of the issue will undoubtedly add significant value to our collection streams. It is a natural first step to do this in Shanghai, but we do not intend to stop there. Once we have this process solidified, we will start rolling it out to other key cities in China“ said Dan Feeney, Senior Vice President of EWSI and head of eManagement.

Fulfilling the objectives responsibly

Along with Dan Feeney, the program was assembled by Mr. Lv, head of eWaste System’s Shanghai business unit, eBao, and Nick Lim, Managing Director of Green Initiatives. „We have been working to implement an electronic waste recycling project in Shanghai for some time and were really excited when we learned that E-Waste Systems had decided to enter China,“ said Nick Lim. „One of the biggest challenges we encounter with electronic waste recycling here in China is that it is very difficult to know where the waste will end up and if it will be recycled in accordance with acceptable environmental standards. EWSI provides leading recycling technology and know-how across a broad range of waste materials as well as a transparent process – all of which are crucial for us to know that we are fulfilling our objectives responsibly, instead of just moving toxic waste from one location to another.“

Source: E-Waste Systems, Inc.