A new chapter: ECOPlastics Recycling becomes Evolve Polymers

ECOPlastics Recycling becomes Evolve Polymers

Hemswell, UK — As of the 12th February 2016, Evolve Polymers Limited is the new name for ECOPlastics Recycling Ltd, marking a new chapter in the life of one of the UK’s leading rPET manufacturers. Evolve Polymers Limited is based in Hemswell, Lincolnshire, producing 50,000t per year of high quality PET flake and food grade pellet from post-consumer PET bottles.

In the past year, the business has transitioned from one focused on the recycling of mixed plastics to one that is focused on procurement of high quality pre-sorted PET bales and production of high grade PET pellets. In addition Evolve Polymers manufactures washed PET, PP and PE flakes.

The company was bought by Aurelius in December 2014 and since this acquisition, the organisation has fundamentally changed its procurement strategy, restructured its operations and realigned its core aims and values towards a commitment to total quality.

CEO Chris Brown stated that “the new name is a further positive change for the business, and more accurately reflects our position as a supplier of recycled polymers”.

Going forward, Evolve Polymers seeks to strengthen its relationships up and down its supply chains, building long term partnerships with the UK waste industry and furthering the circular economy via the increased usage of recycled polymers in the packaging industry.

Source: Evolve Polymers Limited