Spaniards say Yes to Envac`s underground automated vacuum waste collection system

Envac underground waste collection system in Spain (Foto: Envac)

Stockholm, Sweden – Traditional methods of waste collection might soon become a thing of the past in Spain after a survey revealed that 86.1 per cent of people preferred using Envac, an underground automated vacuum waste collection system, than relying on manual collection methods using waste collection vehicles.

The findings also revealed that a staggering 89.3 per cent would urge their local authority to consider installing Envac if they moved to an area where it was not in place. 89.9 per cent of respondent people believe that Envac contributes to creating cleaner spaces and ‘more pleasant’ urban environments. This compared with a resounding 85.4 per cent of respondents who felt that traditional waste collection methods are responsible for traffic problems.

The survey, which included 2,151 respondents across the Spanish communities Santander, Alcobendas, Majadahonda, Vitoria, Zaragoza and Seville, polled existing users of the Envac system.

The survey also revealed that:

  • 94.5 per cent of respondents approve of the Envac system.
  • Almost 80 per cent of people believe that Envac is less polluting and emits less carbon emissions than traditional methods of waste collection.
  • 86.4 per cent felt Envac was more convenient to use than traditional methods of depositing waste.
  • When users were asked why they approved the system, 39.7 per cent claimed that it was easy to use, 33.4 per cent felt that it was clean, and 11.1 per cent cited that it was because the system is odour-free.

On the findings, Carlos Bernad, President Envac South Europe & Americas, commented: “These findings are indicative of changing global perceptions when it comes to waste collection. In order to bring waste collection into the 21st century and align it with most other modern day services, we must accept that manual methods of collection are out-dated, heavily polluting and do not add any value to the urban realm. Envac’s automated underground system not only reduces carbon emissions by up to 90 per cent but it is also a vehicle for cities to futureproof their waste collection strategy, eliminate unsightly and often overfull bins and create environments where people genuinely want to live and work. We welcome these findings and believe that this is a major step towards modernising the waste collection landscape not only in Spain but also worldwide.”

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Source: Envac AB