Sierra Energy to boost innovation with $10.000 prize for synthesis gas challenge

Source: Sierra Energy

Davis, California, USA – A new $10.000 prize will be available at the Big Bang! Business Challenge hosted by the University of California at Davis. Furnished by Sierra Energy, the prize will be awarded to the most innovative business solution for the use of synthesis gas.

Sierra Energy’s mission is to make gasification globally accessible, eliminating landfills. To realize this vision, it is important ito foster the development of new ideas that can disrupt the inertia of our current energy market, which relies heavily on fossil fuels and the mining of virgin materials.

Innovations in technology have enabled the creation of synthesis gas from renewable sources, such as agricultural waste and municipal solid waste. This affords the opportunity to offset the mining and use of fossil fuels and virgin materials.

The Syngas Challenge encourages the competition teams to think outside the traditional and demonstrated applications and to identify new ways of using renewable resources to power society.

Added Sierra Energy founder and CEO Mike Hart commented: “We are excited to sponsor the Syngas Challenge, which will encourage UC Davis’ talent and innovation to spur the development of profitable, net-carbon negative fuels, chemicals and fertilizers in California.”

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Source: Sierra Energy / UC Davis Graduate School of Management