Potters Waste Management starting a new carpet recycling centre for Wales

Source: Potter Group

Cardiff, Wales — The directors of a Welsh Potters Waste Management company are behind a new equine exercise surface made from recycled carpets. The new carpet recycling facility at Newtown, Powys, developed with £100,000 support from the Wales Economic Growth Fund, is now fully operational and has created ten new jobs and safeguarded a further six.

The investment in specialist heavy duty shredding plant and associated equipment reduces the carpets to a flock consistency. It is then ready to be used on equestrian exercise areas either on its own or as a blend with sand or rubber crumb. The surface presents an even and consistent surface, providing a cushioning effect reducing the impact on horses legs while exercising. It also reduces variation in consistency, improves drainage and is more resistant to frost than other materials.

Economy Minister Edwina Hart said: “I am pleased Welsh Government support enabled this project to go ahead which is not only reducing waste going to landfill but recycling resources and creating green jobs.”

Every year 400,000 tonnes of carpet waste is created in the UK with the majority going to landfill sites and currently only around 26 per cent of discarded carpet is reused or recycled. The new facility will use carpets that are unsuitable for cleaning and re-use that are collected from the 12 recycling centres and waste management facilities the company manages around Wales.

The aim is to divert 2,000 tonnes a year from landfill with the capability of increasing to 6,000 tonnes a year when at full capacity. It will also save local authorities and businesses £150,000 in landfill disposal costs each year.

“At Potters Waste Management we are driving innovation in end-of-life solutions for carpets and our vision is to recover and recycle all carpet waste using the best environmental technologies available,” said Debbie Potter, the company’s Operations Director. “With vast experience within the equine industry we fully understand what is required to provide the perfect footing for our clients and use the recycled carpet fibre to produce equestrian surfaces for customers with menege, turnout and gallop facilities.”

The Potter Group is a third generation family run business which was originally established for the recycling of ferrous and non-ferrous metals. The company is now recognised as the largest privately owned waste management company in Wales with a range of businesses from renewable energy to manufacturing of titanium as a zirconium based alloy for customers in the aerospace, petrochemical, biomedicine and electrolysis industries.

Source: Welsh Government