SUEZ is at the forefront of international standardization on sludge

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Paris, France – The „Sludge recovery, recycling, treatment and disposal“ ISO/TC 275 International Standardization Committee aims to standardize the methods for characterizing, categorizing, preparing, treating, recycling and managing sludge and products from urban wastewater collection systems, night soil, stormwater management, water supply treatment plants, urban and industrial wastewater treatment plants. These standards aim to support decision-making on the choice of treatment processes, and the use and disposal of sludge.

As part of the International Organisation for Standardization, the Group is actively participating in standardizing sludge treatment and recovery procedures.

France holds the position of Chair and Secretariat of the ISO/TC 275. For two years, SUEZ has played an active part in this new committee on behalf of the Fédération des entreprises de l’eau, FP2E (The French Federation of Water Companies) to develop standards that help evaluate the performance of technical solutions.

For the Group, standardization is also a way to internationally promote its technologies and processes for anaerobic digestion and thermal treatment of sludge.

Among the seven working groups that make up the ISO/TC 275, two are headed directly by SUEZ: Digestion (WG3 – Jean-Marc Audic, Cirsee) and Thermal Processes (WG5 – Sylvie Baig, Treatment Solutions). The last plenary meeting, organised by Standards Australia, helped SUEZ to bolster its leadership role in these areas and to strengthen and validate the first documents in the presence of delegates from eleven countries. Discussions were especially fruitful with the delegations from Japan, Australia, Canada and China.

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