Danieli Centro Recycling upgraded Canadian non-ferrous metal recovery plant

Quelle: Danieli Centro Recycling

Chambéry, France – Danieli Centro Recycling has cemented its presence in North America with a contract to upgrade Gerdau Whitby’s non-ferrous plant, signed on 1st of December 2015. The upgraded plant will lead to an increase in both the purity and volume of non-ferrous metal recovery, and allow the South American steel giant to expand its Ontario operation to recover precious metals from landfilled automotive shredder residue (ASR).

Whitby mill is one of three Gerdau mills operating in Canada and employs around 385 people. In 2014, the mill celebrated its 50th year and followed celebrations with a series of improvements which include the installation of the new Danieli Centro Recycling sorting plant.

Danieli Centro Recycling is looking forward to bringing its extensive know-how in Non-Ferrous metals separation to the project: “Our skills in systems integration and proprietary automation along with a well-equipped global supply chain will help our client to meet their requirements for output, quality and schedule. Moving forward, we expect that the project will realize a step change in plant performance for Gerdau Whitby.

For Danieli Centro Recycling, this project represents an important and valuable reference point in North America. It demonstrates our focus and commitment to grow in this market and become one of the leading players in the recycling business.”

Source: Danieli Centro Recycling