Government announces national litter strategy for England

Source: Keep Britain Tidy

Wigan, UK – The UK Government has decided to create a national litter strategy, which reflects the vigorous campaigning for government leadership on the issue of litter by Keep Britain Tidy. The announcement was made in the Government’s response to the Communities and Local Government Select Committee’s seventh report of session 2014-15 on litter and fly-tipping in England.

The report sets out a series of recommendations for Government, including the establishment of a litter strategy for England. In response, the Government said that it is watching with interest the progress being made in “bringing together a wide range of key stakeholders, including Keep Britain Tidy, to discuss some of these issues in more detail”.

It also agreed with the Committee, which said that local councils can play a key role in co-ordinating the local activity of volunteers, businesses and other initiatives such as Community Payback Schemes that focus on litter removal, as well as carrying out their statutory roles in respect of street cleansing, providing infrastructure and enforcement.

Keep Britain Tidy has welcomed the Governments decision, but critizeses that the continuing failure to back this up with a national litter survey risks the ability to effectively deliver on a new strategy. The organisation also believes that the government has missed clear opportunities to take specific action on littering from vehicles and on cigarette littering, currently the number one littered item in the country.

Chief Executive, Allison Ogden-Newton commented: „The Government appears to have taken on board calls from Keep Britain Tidy for leadership on the issue of litter. However, without a regular survey of litter around the country, it’s difficult to envisage how we can have an effective litter strategy. It is also disappointing to see a continuing emphasis on tackling litter and fly-tipping at a local level without any acknowledgement of the impact of austerity on local authorities’ ability to deal with these issues.“

Keep Britain Tidy is looking forward to working with the government on tackling the important social issue of litter and picking up the issues raised in the government’s response to the recent select committee inquiry on litter.

Source: Keep Britain Tidy