ISO 9001 and 14001: PV Cycle’s quality and environmental standards certified

Source: PV CYCLE

Brussels — PV Cycle, the PV industry’s compliance and waste management scheme, has announced that its internal quality and environment management systems have been awarded ISO 9001 and 14001 certifications. The accreditations are the company’s most recent achievements in PV waste management and certify meeting both regulatory requirements as well as customers’ needs.

“Being officially recognized as operating at the highest standards of quality and sustainability testaments to our commitment to providing customers and their customers with the best-in-class compliance and waste management services in the industry”, welcomed Jan Clyncke, Managing Director of the PV Cycle Association the accreditations.

The Association’s Italian, French, Spanish and German subsidiaries have been audited against the ISO standards as well as the Headquarters’ branches in the United Kingdom and the Netherlands.

“Standardized policies and procedures are crucial to serving a highly diversified WEEE and waste management market and ensuring that customers across Europe receive the same level of quality services”, commented Olmina Della Monica, Head of Operations & Treatment.

PV Cycle commits to continuously improving its environmental performance in all aspects of operations, emphasizing on conservation of resources through reduction, recycling and the use of renewable resources, and has the aim of developing long-term benefits for its employees, customers and other stakeholders of the organization.

Source: PV Cycle