Northern Ireland reports: Recovery up and landfill down

Source: Northern Ireland Executive

Belfast, Northern Ireland — Landfilling of waste has been decreasing at its fastest rate ever due to increased diversion of waste to energy recovery and recycling. The 2014/15 Northern Ireland local authority collected (LAC) municipal waste management statistics annual report reveals that energy recovery rate now sits at almost 15 per cent, a year-on-year rise of almost five percentage points. The municipal landfill rate has decreased every year, from 74 per cent in 2006/7 to just over 43 per cent, a decrease of just over five percentage points in the last year alone.

Against a background of increasing household waste, the recycling & composting rate also continued to increase to 42 per cent but at a slower rate than in recent years.

Environment Minister Mark H. Durkan commented on the results: “We have come a long way in the last 10 years as the drop in landfilling shows. More and more people recognise the value of our waste both as a resource to be conserved and, if that’s not possible, as an energy source. Paying landfill charges to not use these useful materials just doesn’t make sense.

“I make no excuse for reminding us all that this year our councils have saved £2.9 million in tax alone by diverting an additional 36,235 tonnes of waste from landfill. Continuing the move towards zero waste, where waste is treated as a valuable resource, will increasingly pay economic dividends for local ratepayers and the community and also sends a message that our society recognises the need to be sustainable for future generations.

“In this the European Week for Waste Reduction, please consider what more you can do to use your resources more efficiently. Visiting the Northern Ireland Love Food Hate Waste website for new ideas on reducing food waste is a great start.”

Source: Northern Ireland Executive