Anagennisi offers „Innovative Reuse of all Tyre Components in Concrete“ seminar

Source: European Tyre Recycling Association

Brussels – An estimated one billion tyres are discarded each year, each roughly comprising 8 kg of rubber, 1.5 kg of high strength steel cord and wire and 0.5 kg of high strength textile reinforcement. These high quality materials deserve to be reused in structural applications rather than be landfilled or incinerated. Concrete needs tensile reinforcement which can be attained by cord/wire reinforcement. Increased energy dissipation and ductility in concrete can be provided by substituting conventional aggregates with rubber tyre particles.

The aim of the Anagennisi project is to develop innovative solutions to reuse all tyre components in high value innovative concrete applications with reduced environmental impact. Newly developed materials and applications using confined rubberised concrete can lead to highly deformable concrete elements and structures; tyre steel and textile fibres can be used as reinforcement to control cracking and increase toughness.

The Anagennisi research/industry seminar on “Innovative Reuse of all Tyre Components in Concrete” (30th November 2015 in Athens) will present experimental and analytical work undertaken in the FP7 European funded Anagennisi project and open discussion with industry on their needs. The participants will learn about the properties of innovative new concretes containing tyre by-products and potential industrial applications. The seminar aims at engineers, architects, contractors, designers, concrete manufacturers, material suppliers, specifiers and esearchers.

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Source: European Tyre Recycling Association