Novelis Korea recognized for green management excellence

Source: Novelis Inc.

Seoul, South Korea – Novelis has been awarded the Grand Prize in the Green Management Excellence category of the 2015 Global Standard Management Awards, held under the co-sponsorship of the Korea Management Association (KMA) and the Korea Management Association Registration (KMAR).Now in its fourteenth year, the Global Standard Management Awards have emerged as the most prestigious awards in the Korean business community. The Global Standard Management Awards recognize companies and organizations for their contribution to promoting sustainable development and enhancing global competitiveness in ten categories, including sustainable management, green management and energy management.

Novelis Korea was recognized for its unwavering commitment to eco-friendly management practices, including the increased use of recycled content, expansion of recycling facilities and the reduction of pollution in the manufacturing process.

Novelis‘ green business strategy is focused on the closed-loop recycling of aluminum. Novelis’ closed-loop business model has been drawing much attention amid growing demand for lightweight, low-carbon materials, particularly for automobiles, beverage cans, consumer electronics, construction materials and other high-end products.

In addition, Novelis globally has increased its average recycled content from just over 30 percent in 2011 to approximately 50 percent in 2015. Novelis Korea also has adopted green management practices such as pollution reduction and facility investment as part of efforts to achieve its environmental targets. As part of this effort, Novelis established Asia’s largest aluminum beverage can recycling center in Yeongju, North Gyeongsang Province, in 2012. Since then, the Yeongju recycling center has reached an impressive milestone of recycling more than 30 billion aluminum beverage cans.

The KMAR surveyed 709 companies with more than KRW 100 billion (approx. € 80 million) in domestic sales and more than 500 employees. Novelis Korea ranked highest in all criteria across the Green Management category – including planning and implementation of a strategic green management system and achievements in green management and management performance.

Source: Novelis