Copex has supplied its first scrap shear to the Turkish market

Lidex 1300T scrap shear (Foto: Copex)

La Trinité-sur-Mer, France — Following a thorough study of leading shear producers in the world, Asil Celik Mechanical & Electrical Maintenance teams as well as the Operations & Investment management preferred to work with Copex. So Copex supplied its first scrap shear to the Turkish market. Asil Çelik Management, the leading speciality steel producer of Turkey, has now started production with a new Lidex 1300T scrap shear.

According to the demands of Asil Celik, Copex configured a high performance machine with 1300 t shearing power of 1000 mm cutting width with a 8 x 2,6 m pre-compression box. The aim was to compress and cut domestic scrap, increase density in the charge basket and thus increase productivity of the electric arc furnace.

Soon after start up, operated by both Copex & Asil Celik operators, Lidex proved itself with its strength and speed:

  • 56 t/hr cutting measured – Average box closing time 29 seconds (Cutting length 60 cm for domestic scrap)
  • 63,5 t/hr cutting measured (Cutting length 80cm for domestic scrap)

According to Copex, the major sales success of the Lidex is based on the reliability and robustness of Copex machines, and also of the exceptional performance of this scrap shear which is available now with cutting force of 800t, 1000t, 1300t and 1700t. With the Lidex, productivity increase is of 25 percent.

Other pros are:

  • With the full automatic compression and cutting cycle, the operator is no longer required for the compression and cutting operations and has free time to perform other running operations,
  • The oversized lid, which covers 80 percent of the box, ensures the greatest compression efficiency,
  • The kinematic design of the pre-load table contributes to considerably reduce the scrap preparation and cycle times. Scrap can be loaded as a secondary task by the operator, and provides excellent visibility that would not be possible with alternative loading systems. The scrap can be ideally sorted out, positioned and the treated materials are optimized.
  • The Lidex is provided with an ergonomic maintenance workers’ platform as well as specific tools to make the handling of crucial pieces and the changing of knives precise, rapid and safe.
  • Safety is paramount in any Copex machine
  • The blade locking system designed by Copex has no bolts and nuts, the time necessary for replacing knives is reduced by 50 percent.
  • The simple and intuitive touch screen allows optimal operation of the machine.

Source: VinciCom Agency