Ranking second: 11 German ships have been beached to South Asian breakers

Shipbreaking (Foto: NGO Shipbreaking Platform)

Brussels – Out of 166 vessels sold for breaking during the third quarter 2015, 78 ended their operational life on the beaches of South Asia, according to the data collected and analysed by the NGO Shipbreaking Platform (38 ships in India; 26 ships in Bangladesh; and 14 ships in Pakistan). The data clearly shows a downturn within the ship breaking sector if compared to previous quarters’ statistics.

16 of the ships broken in South Asia were owned by European ship owners, including one from Norway. Greek owners topped the list selling alone 9 ships for beaching this quarter. Ranking second, German owners sold 3 ships to South Asian breakers, which means that so far 11 German ships have been beached this year. Italian owners rank third, with 2 vessels sold to India.

Most European shipping companies continue choosing profit above the environment and workers’ rights. The Italian company Grimaldi Group S.p.A. (1 ship to India) again features on the NGO`s list of worst dumpers. German ship owners Ost-West-Handel und Schiffahrt GmbH and F.H. Bertling Reederei GmbH also sold vessels to Bangladesh and India this quarter.

Polish state-owned Polsteam has been under the spotlight for having sent several ships to South Asia in the last years. The NGO Shipbreaking Platform and the European Environmental Bureau, and the more than 160 environmental, human and labour rights organisations they represent, together with two Polish NGOs, recently sent a letter to Polsteam asking the company, and the government, to change its bad practices. Polsteam has already sold three end-of-life vessels to South Asian beaching yards in 2015; the bulk carrier Solidarnosc was sold to Pakistan breakers during this quarter.

Despite the new EU Ship Recycling Regulation, which will out-rule the use of substandard beaching yards to dismantle EU-flagged vessels and which will soon become applicable, ships registered under the flags of Malta (3), Italy (1), and Sweden (1) were sold in this quarter to substandard yards operating on beaches.

Chinese ship owners sold 29 ships to Chinese yards, but another 4 ships owned by Chinese companies were sold to South Asian yards. Moreover, one Turkish company sent one of its ships to Alang yards instead of having it broken domestically at Aliaga.

Source: NGO Shipbreaking Platform