France: 8 finalists for Cleantech Open 2015 awards announced

Source: Cleantech Open France

Paris – The mission of Cleantech Open France is to scout and support the growth in France and abroad of the most promising young French eco-innovative companies. Now Cleantech Open France unveils the list of eight finalists for its 6th edition of the Cleantech Open awards and announces the winner.

The finalists will benefit from a financial support, granted through the partnership between Cleantech Open France and the European organization Climate-KIC, of 480.000 euros in total. As a winner, Plume Labs will participate in the Climate-KIC European competition finals on October 29, 2015 in Birmingham, U.K., before representing France in the world finals of the Cleantech Open competition on November 19, 2015, in San Francisco, U.S.A.

“This promotion of 2015 finalists is a testament to the quality of French companies in the field of eco-innovation. Eco-businesses contribute to the current momentum of industrial renewal that is critical to 21st century economies. More importantly, they take advantage of the best available technologies to develop disruptive approaches and provide concrete solutions to the societal and environmental challenges that will be at the heart of the upcoming discussions during the COP21,” declared Pierre Nougué, a co-founder of Cleantech Open France.

The winner is:

Plume Labs – open data applied to air quality

Plume Labs develops a connected mobile device that measures – and understands its exposure to – air pollution, as well as a collaborative platform capable of mapping air quality data and making it available online. Plume Labs aims to provide citizens and consumers with tools that will allow them to breathe better by understanding and controlling their exposure to air pollution.

The other finalists are:

Boostherm – Energy efficiency

Boostherm develops heat recovery systems designed to capture the heat produced in large amount by cooling systems. The heat is then used to heat up water for domestic consumption or space heating. Boostherm primarily targets the hotel, catering, food processing and food distribution industries.

Glowee – Green chemistry

Glowee develops a biolighting living system that does not use electricity nor produce light pollution thanks to the natural properties of its bioluminescent microorganisms. The product is manufactured from a transparent shell made of organic resin whose shape can be adjusted. Inside of it are injected an optimized bacterial solution and nutrients. The system sticks to glass surfaces. It is transparent during the day and luminous at night.

GreenCreative – Waste

GreenCreative develops innovative solutions for waste management, including the recycling of packaged and production waste. GreenCreative has created the startup FlexiDry, a food waste depackaging equipment designed to handle packaged waste from food processing manufacturers and supermarkets, and R3D3, a smart and connected recycling bin that automatically sorts and compacts consumer beverage waste, such as cans, plastic bottles and disposable cups.

Ipsiis – Sustainable building

Ipsiis develops a range of new insulating, refractory and non-combustible materials. The company produces natural mineral insulating foams, at a low temperature and very low cost, made of waste or by-products from the construction industry (tile, slate, glass) with exceptional performances in terms of insulation and fire resistance.

Lookies – Smart energy solution

Lookies develops a solution that collects energy data from existing buildings remotely and a tool whose algorithm can detect energy saving sources. Lookies connects to all the data sources of a building complex, open or closed (Building Management Systems, electric meters, people flow, etc.) and merges them into a single interface. Intended to managers / operators, the company’s solution allows for a micromanagement of energy and a centralized oversight of infrastructures.

Optimum Tracker – Renewable energies

Optimum Tracker designs, develops and markets solar trackers to improve the efficiency of photovoltaic plants on the ground. Solar trackers follow the sun path during the day, allowing the photovoltaic modules to optimize their capture of solar energy and increase the production of power plants by up to 40%, compared to plants with a fixed structure.

Tallano Technologie – Sustainable mobility

Tallano Technologie develops a suction turbine that collects micro-particles produced by the braking systems of transport vehicles, including cars and trains. The system consists of a suction mouth, located at the edge of the brake pads, and a turbine, activated by the rotation of the brake disc, which sucks up the particles during braking and stores them in a filter.

Source: Cleantech Open France