Defra takes position on aluminium packaging recycling targets

Wad of aluminium (Foto: © W. R. Wagner /

London, UK – According to Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs, the latest data shows that the number of aluminium packaging waste recovery notes (PRNs) issued in the UK are not on track to meet the statutory business targets for the recycling of aluminium packaging in 2015.

In a new government position statement, the department expects producers and compliance schemes to comply with their packaging recycling and recovery obligations. If there are instances of non-compliance identified at the end of the year, the Environment Agency, Scottish Environmental Protection Agency, Natural Resources Wales and the Northern Ireland Environment Agency will take appropriate enforcement action.

In a first step, the department urges unaccredited reprocessors and exporters to become accredited and encourages compliance schemes to actively assist them in thw process to help secure the requisite number of PRNs/PERNs for their producer members. The department wants reprocessors and exporters to make every effort to recycle all available aluminium packaging waste. And it urges reprocessors and exporters to make PRNs/PERNs available to the market.

If the compliance level is not reached, ‘special measures’ can be taken. Where a scheme fails to comply with its recovery and recycling obligations the environment agencies can require the scheme to meet specific additional conditions, which are to meet 50 per cent of its obligation by the 30th June and to meet 100 per cent of its obligation by 30th September, also that no new members are accepted into the scheme. In addition the scheme will be required to pay an additional fee to the agency.

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Source: Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs