ARN to deliver training program to Turkish car dismantling sector

Source: ARN

Amsterdam, The Netherlands – In the presence of the Turkish Ministry of the Environment and the Dutch embassy, the Turkish sector organisation for car dismantling companies ÖTASAD recently opened a demonstration and training location for car dismantling. The project was made possible by financial support from the Dutch government, and implemented by the Netherlands Enterprise Agency, the consultancy firm Ameco, SEDA and ARN.

Turkey: 95percent recycling performance by 2020

The training centre in Kocaeli, close to Istanbul, was established to improve the operating standards of car dismantling companies in Turkey, and to facilitate the reuse of components. Despite increased prosperity and car ownership levels, the level of the Turkish recycling chain is lagging far behind. Against the background of its sustainability ambitions, the Turkish government has developed waste legislation based on the European model, according to which 95 percent of the weight of a car must be recycled and recovered. Turkey aims to comply with this European recycling performance by 2020.

Course material developed by Ameco and ARN

In collaboration with Ameco and ARN, a two-day training programme has been launched to offer training to dismantling companies from Turkey as well as environmental inspectors, the local automotive industry and students. Within this programme, which includes both theory and practice, all stages of the car dismantling process are discussed, and employees are taught how to comply with Turkish environmental legislation. The training also focuses on safety and quality aspects. At the end of the programme, all participants receive an officially approved certificate.

Thanks to this training location and programme, the Turkish government hopes not only to ensure technical knowledge transfer but also to generate more public and political attention for the reuse of components and the recycling of material. The market for car dismantling in Turkey is considerable, but faces numerous social and political obstacles.

Source: ARN