USA: White Cloud Electronic Cigarettes offers e-cigarettes` battery-recycling

Recycling box for electronic waste (Foto: White Cloud Electronic Cigarettes)

Tapron Springs, Florida, SA — In contrast to UK`s problems with electronic cigarettes` waste, White Cloud Electronic Cigarettes has installed a battery-recycling program in the USA. This was made possible by partnership with Big Green Box, a federally approved recycling company based in Anaheim, California. Furthermore, White Cloud Electronic Cigarettes is one of the first to produce a completely disposable electronic delivery product using lightweight food grade BPA-free thermoplastics.

As well as demonstrating the enterprise`s commitment to developing an environmentally friendly process, it also ensures that the U.S. Department of Transportation and United Nations packaging standards are met for disposing of electronic waste. Sinde 2013, customers have the ability to recycle their rechargeable electronic cigarette batteries and fling disposable e cigarettes.

“Try to think about this for a moment: there are 20 to 50 million metric tons of electronic waste disposed off every year, worldwide”, said company Managing Director Danielle Steingraber. “Right now, only 12.5 percent of e-waste is currently recycled, but we can do our part to help change that.” Whilst it may not seem that a few e-cigarette batteries in the trash can make any real environmental difference, as the number of e cig users continues to rise worldwide, it will quickly become critical that electronic cigarette users recycle.

In December 2014, the Florida Department of Environmental Protection recognized White Cloud Electronic Cigarettes for „outstanding recycling in 2014,“ recycling over 72 percent of its solid waste. A spokesperson for the department congratulated the team, stating that White Cloud was „helping to lead the way to our goal of 75 percent recycling by 2020“.

Source: White Cloud Electronic Cigarettes