Growing UK Back to the Floor scheme helps cutting disposal costs

Offcuts in Back to the floor bag (Foto: Axion Consulting)

Bramhall, UK — Forbo’s Back to the Floor take back scheme continues to grow with new drop-off sites recently added in Wales and Ireland, enabling even more flooring contractors to save on disposal costs by recycling their Forbo flooring installation off-cuts. The two new Welsh drop-off sites both accept cushion vinyl off-cuts from any manufacturer, but not felt/polyester-backed flooring. In Ireland, customers can drop off Marmoleum off-cuts free of charge at contract flooring supplies in Dublin.

Although landfill tax increased again on April 1st 2015 from £80 to £82.60, prices for BTTF collections remain the same, so collecting off-cuts through the scheme is even more cost-effective. Back to the Floor Scheme Co-ordinator, Michelle Brewer said: “Collectors report that they are making genuine savings through taking part in the scheme and the welcome addition of new drop-off sites means we can extend this valuable service to even more flooring professionals.”

Forbo off-cuts, as well as cushioned vinyl flooring off-cuts from most manufacturers, are collected across the UK and recycled back into new flooring products across the company’s portfolio. The scheme offers both environmental and economic benefits for participants through diversion of waste material from landfill and preservation of raw material resources for use in new products.

Flooring contractors can benefit from savings on disposal costs versus sending their waste flooring material to landfill as Allan Kiely, Director of Kiely Carpets Ltd discovered: “Back to the Floor is very helpful for us; it cuts down on a lot of flooring waste to landfill while generating savings. Sending a tonne of off-cuts to landfill costs us £160, but recycling them is a third of this cost.” The Gloucestershire-based company sends back a full one-tonne bag every month. Allan Kiely adds: “Recycling makes sense; in the end it does cost you less.”

Gareth Lewis, Commercial Director at Port Talbot-based Craftsman Flooring Ltd is an enthusiastic supporter of the scheme, saying: “It’s brilliant, it works great for us and we get excellent feedback on the high quality of the material we send back for recycling. It is probably cost-neutral for us and even if it did cost a bit extra, we would recycle off-cuts anyway as a responsible business. Recycling is much better for the environment.” According to Gareth, main contractors invariably ask at the pre-contract stage if a flooring recycling system is in place. He adds: “Two years ago, it wasn’t discussed, but it is now. We collect the full range of Forbo products accepted through the Back to the Floor scheme and everything works very well.”

All Back to the Floor scheme members are provided with colour-coded polythene bags and bulk bags, which are collected directly from site or a contractor’s premises.

Source: Axion Consulting