UpCycly: Where recycling waste becomes a source of creation and collaboration

Furniture making made from reclaimed wood (Foto: UpCycly)

Paris, France — UpCycly, pioneer player in the upcycling in Paris, is allowing citizens to create furniture and plant facilities from urban waste during workshops and events. In one year of activity, the organization was able to mobilize and educate more than 9,000 people to the revaluation of waste, and more than 30 tons of waste was diverted. Now the UpCycly team has great ambitions and, on this occasion, has launched a crowdfunding campaign.

Upcycling consists in upgrading waste by creating objects. More than merely recycling, upcycling allows creating value while reducing the environmental impact of our lifestyles. The UpCycly association represents a pioneer in this dynamic by designing and animating various fun activities open to all, with the aim of diverting waste in order to create furniture and plan facilities.

UpCycly carries the animation of sensitization workshops on biodiversity in schools and recreation centers and is leading “upcycling” workshops and organizing “recycling festivals”, called the UpCycly Fest, where UpCycly accompanies participants to divert waste.

However, UpCycly-President Wassim Chelfi and his team do not intend to stop there. Right behind citizens, they want to mobilize the companies. Through planning workshops of collective spaces, employees discover new ways to work and create value, while appropriating their own workplace. To develop this new activity and amplify its impact, UpCycly has just launched its crowdfunding campaign on the Kickstarter platform.

Source: UpCycly