Hong Kong: $30 billion to boost waste disposal

Foto: Torsten Weidemann/Pixelio

Hong Kong — Hong Kong`s Financial Secretary John Tsang wants to invest $30 billion into waste recycling and treatment facilities. Delivering his 2014-15 Budget today, Mr Tsang said the Government will press ahead with the provision of organic waste treatment facilities, community green stations, and waste electrical and electronic equipment processing facilities. The Government is also pursuing measures to support the recycling industry’s long-term and sustainable development by setting up a Recycling Fund, enhancing training, and promoting green procurement.

„We are actively taking forward the development of the Integrated Waste Management Facilities Phase 1 and the extension of the three landfills. Hong Kong needs to keep investing in environmental infrastructure to ensure cleaner air, cleaner seawater, and better treatment of solid waste. They are key to meeting the aspirations for healthy living and making Hong Kong an attractive place for all.“

About $11.4 billion has been earmarked for the ex-gratia payment scheme to phase out 82,000 pre-Euro IV diesel commercial vehicles by 2020. To promote the use of electric vehicles, Mr Tsang proposed extending the First Registration Tax exemption to 2017.

Source: Hong Kong`s Information Services Department