Ecomondo coordinates Italian enterprises section at Johannesburg Indutec Expo

Source: Rimini Fiera SpA

Rimini, Italy — From 20th to 22nd May, the most important Italian expo dedicated to the environment will be a key player at Indutec, where it will organize the new Waste & Recycling Africa section. In the context of Johannesburg’s industry and technology expo, the Italian enterprises coordinated by Ecomondo will be ensured a gateway to a country that has the environment sector at the centre of its national investment policies.

Rimini Fiera business unit manager Simone Castelli explains: “It will be an excellent opportunity for Italian enterprises to create new relationships, discover an economy with its sights set on green economy with attention and economic resources and to propose our leading-edge approach, as well as our knowledge. In Johannesburg we have set up a real business platform, on which enterprises will arrive and from which profiled buyers will come to Ecomondo to meet the Italian system in November.”

Key insights on waste management

Ecomondo project manager Alessandra Astolfi continues: “As well as the expo area, we shall also take ‚Italian know-how‘ on the environment to Johannesburg, organizing a program of conferences illustrating Italy’s best practices. Authoritative speakers will give key insights on waste management in large cities, systems for the management of biodegradable waste and processes for re-use, organic waste management, recovery of plastic materials and the potential of bioplastic. Space will also be dedicated to the description of European Union policies and the description of the CONAI system, a virtuous example of packaging waste management.”

Fabrizio Vigni, MD of Sienambiente and member of Federambiente, says, “South Africa is the continent’s most developed country, after apartheid ended its economy underwent a profound transformation and offers important prospects for development. It is a strategic crossroads for the entire Sub-Saharan area, from the business point of view and regarding productive investments. It is also paying great attention to the green economy, in particular the development of renewable energies. In Johannesburg, the Italian enterprises will represent a system that in many cases has featured improved environmental performance, with resources being managed in a more efficient manner, with less energy consumption and lower CO2 emissions. Precisely in the recession’s hardest years, approximately 328,000 enterprises invested in green economy. Italy can therefore also have great potential for the export of know-how, clean technology and eco-innovation.”

Italy to export its best practices

ANCI’s Energy and Environment Delegate Filippo Bernocchi commented: “Municipalities contribute to the formation of a ‚circular‘ economy with efficient use of resources, being able to take action on policies regarding energy, those relative to waste cycle management and ‘green’ procurement.” Italy can thus export its best practices in various sectors, starting precisely with local administrations’ experience. In South Africa, as in other emerging countries, the models of waste management, excellent features of Italy’s set-up, will be able to be taken and implemented for the spread of effective local development policies.”

The Johannesburg appointment is part of the international program of which Ecomondo (Rimini Fiera, 3rd to 6th November 2015) is currently the key player with new expos in the areas of the world that are the most interesting for Italian enterprises. In fact, as well as Indutec, from 11th to 13th November 2015 there will be FIMAI Ecomondo Brasil, which will be held in May in San Paolo, the metropolis that hosts the expo. On the other hand, a third international expo project will be presented in June at the EXPO.

Source: Rimini Fiera SpA