Between tax abolishment and extra £4 b: UK Parties launched their manifestos

House of Parliament (Foto: ©Michael Löffler /

München — The UK Parties have made up their mind for their strategies after the election that will be held on 7 May 2015 to elect the 56th Parliament of the United Kingdom. All manifestos more or less deal with environment policy and partly with waste management policy.

The Conservative Party`s manifesto for 2015 on „Strong Leadership, A Clear Economic Plan, A Brighter, More Secure Future“ expresses the Party`s proudness to be greenest government ever, setting up the world“s first Green Investment Bank and signing a deal to build the first new nuclear plant in a generation,. But it makes no mention of how a Conservative-led government would move forward on waste, resource or sustainability policy.

As the Labour Party`s manifesto underlines, the Party „will work to make Britain a world leader in low carbon technologies over the next decade, creating a million additional green jobs“. This aim will be supported by ambitious domestic carbon reduction targets. And the Party will offer an industrial strategy for the green economy that „will end the current uncertainty for investors, with a timetable for the Green Investment Bank to be given additional powers so that it can invest in green businesses and technology“.

According to „For the Common Good: General Election Manifesto 2015“, the Green Party would aim to reduce the amount of waste produced and be „more careful about how we dispose of it“, with the aim of moving „towards a jobs-rich circular economy with as much waste minimisation as possible“. Furthermore, the Party wants to increase national spending on recycling and waste disposal by about 50 per cent, an extra £4 billion a year, against „damaging incineration and landfill“. Another aim: Recycling of 70 per cent of domestic waste by 2020 as a move towards a zero-waste system.

The Liberal Democrats want to drive up recycling to 70 per cent of household waste and minimise landfill. Their manifesto is aiming at the establishment of a coherent tax and regulatory framework for landfill, incineration and waste collection to drive continuous increases in reuse and recycling rates and ensure only non-recyclable waste is incinerated, including reinstating the landfill tax escalator and extending it to the lower rate and consulting on the introduction of an incineration tax. And the Party wants to encourage the growth of anaerobic digestion to produce biogas for heat and transport, and sustainable fertiliser, working with localauthorities to extend separate food waste collections to at least 90 per cent of homes by 2020.

The UK Independence Party will supports the development of shale gas with proper safeguards for the local environment. According to their manifesto, community improvement levy money from the development of shale gas fields will be earmarked for lower council taxes or community projects within the local authority being developed. Besides that, the Party will stop new subsidies for wind farms and solar arrays and abolish green taxes and charges in order to reduce fuel bills.