EU recycling rate of rigid metal packaging in Europe reached 73,6 percent in 2012

Source: Metal Packaging Europe

Brussels — Metal Packaging Europe reports that in 2012 over 3 million tons of steel packaging and aluminum beverage cans were recycled, bringing the recycling rate of rigid metal packaging to a new record of 73,6 percent. The extra recycled tonnage in 2012 equals an increase of 0,82 percent (or 6 percentage points) over 2011. In 2012 aluminium beverage cans were recycled at a rate of 69,5 percent. Steel packaging was recycled at a rate of 74,1 percent.

The increase reflects a long-term trend whereby the metal packaging sector constantly improves its recycling rates, over and above the minimum European and national metal recycling rates, and in line with the industry’s voluntary objective of 80 percent recycling of metal packaging in Europe by 2020.

“Metals recycle forever, the perfect example of materials for a circular economy”, underlined Joris Nachtergaele, Secretary General of Metal Packaging Europe. “We are confident that our sector will reach 80 percent recycling by 2020. But there is still a lot of work to do in several European countries, regarding both the quantity and the quality of the recycled materials.”

The original data provided by APEAL (the Association of European Producers of Steel for Packaging) and the Packaging Group of EAA (European Aluminium Association) has, for the 3rd year running, been reviewed by the independent consultancy Eunomia. This makes the metal packaging industry still the only packaging industry which ensures a third party verification of its recycling figures.

Source: Metal Packaging Europe