Table of international acceptable evidence for packaging or WEEE exporters offered

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London, UK — The UK Environment Agency has released an information paper on producer responsibility. It includes guidance and a look-up table of acceptable evidence that packaging or Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment (WEEE) exporters can use to prove that overseas sites are operating to broadly equivalent standards to those operating in the UK.

All evidence submitted to demonstrate broadly equivalent standards for packaging and equivalent standards for WEEE must:

  • relate to the overseas reprocessing site that is included in the application
  • have a valid date at the time of submission
  • refer to the reprocessing activity and the conditions/standards that it needs to operate
  • have an English translation and be accompanied by a photocopy of the original document and
  • have an official stamp on the original document and reference to the competent authority, if it is an environmental licence.

If a renewal to a licence is provided, a copy of the original licence must also be supplied. Where the activity is regulated by a licensing regime, a copy of the permit is required. ISO 14001 will only be accepted where a country does not regulate the overseas reprocessing site through a permitting regime. Any ISO14001 must be for the reprocessing site and refer to the reprocessing activity on the certificate. A statement from the competent authority which shows that the reprocessing site is regulated and works within a system that meets broadly equivalent standards for packaging and equivalent standards for WEEE is acceptable.

Besides that, the information paper includes a list that shows international examples of documents that can be accepted as evidence. The list of evidence types is not a prescriptive list – these are just examples of the types previously received which have been agreed between the Agencies to acceptably demonstrate broadly equivalence. If other documents are provided and they explain how reprocessing operations are regulated to protect the environment then these will be considered and may be accepted.

Guidance and list can be downloaded from

Sorce: UK Environment Agency