Recoup has launched the 5th edition of Recyclability by Design guideline

Cover of Recyclability by Design 2015 (Source: Recoup)

Peterborough, UK — Recoup’s guideline document for packaging technologists and packdevelopers that use plastic packaging – Recyclability by Design – has been revised and updated for Spring 2015. Recyclability by Design provides guidelines for those wishing to make their packaging more recyclable and also provides information concerning the sections of the plastic recycling chain, to enable brand owners to ensure that their packaging will not inadvertently interfere with plastic recycling schemes.

Recoup believe that the quality of flake and pellet produced, and ultimately the quality of products made from recycled material, can be improved by encouraging product designers to consider the recyclability of their plastic pack during the design stage. „Recyclability by Design“ is one of Recoup’s most important documents. It covers all forms of rigid plastic packaging and with several thousand downloads, is recognised by industry and enjoys a positive reputation worldwide.

The Spring 2015 edition is the fifth version of the guide, which was first released in 2006.

In addition to a refresh of the look and feel of the document, Recoup have included contributions from Members; experts from both the packaging and recycling industries. Other recent updates have included a major review of the recyclability matrices for each polymer. The recyclability tables are polymer specific, with separate tables for PET Bottles, PET Trays, PP, HDPE, PS and PVC. The PET guidelines had previously been one table, but the Recoup document now includes separate tables, one for PET bottles and one for PET trays.

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Source: RECycling Of Used Plastics Ltd