2014: Tetra Pak reports good progress towards recycling

Productionline (Foto: Tetra Pak International S.A.)

Pully/Lausanne, Switzerland — Higher recycling rates, lower CO2 emissions and the commercialisation of the world’s first 100 percent bio-based carton mark a successful year on several fronts​. During 2014, Tetra Pak made further progress towards its 2020 environmental goals, passing several important milestones in its journey to develop sustainable products, reduce the environmental footprint of the value chain and increase recycling.

Among others, Tetra Pak’s recycling efforts continued to progress. In 2014, 651,000 tonnes of used beverage cartons were recycled globally, up from 623,000 tonnes in the previous year. This represents 26 percent of the company’s annual delivery, which is relatively low comparing to the 2020 target of 40 percent. However, the company remains committed, and is working with its partners to address the challenges such as the lack of infrastructure in emerging markets.

To support the recycling process, the company introduced Tetra Top® with Separable Top for both chilled and ambient products. The package, with its familiar plastic top and carton sleeve, is now designed in a way that allows consumers to simply and quickly detach the top from the sleeve once empty, allowing them to be recycled separately.

„We set ourselves some aggressive environmental targets and, by and large, we remain nicely on track to achieve them,“ says Mario Abreu, the newly-appointed Vice President, Environment for Tetra Pak. „We well recognise the absolute imperative of keeping a sharp focus on this ever-more important dimension of our business; securing growth while acting and operating in ways that best protect the future of our planet, and delivering the products, services and support that help our customers to do the same.“​

More information on Tetra Pak`s environmental progress can be found under tetrapak.com.

Source: Tetra Pak International S.A.