SEDA presents new canadian partner: New partnership with ELV Select

Quelle: SEDA

Kössen, Österreich — ELV Select provides a variety of products to service the recycling industry and was started with the vision that the recycling industry faces tough economic challenges. Changing regulations and strong competition made ELV Select realize the need for products which streamline the auto recycling business.

Bob Vanleeuwen (Foto: SEDA)
Bob Vanleeuwen (Foto: SEDA)

In order to service this economy ELV Select had partnered with SEDA as the exclusive Canadian importer to deliver industry leading products. The team of ELV Select has been involved in the recycling industry for over 25 years with experience in auto recycling as well as involvement in the Ontario Auto Recyclers Association.

Bob Vanleeuwen, Managing Director: ”We strive to meet your recycling needs by offering a full line of SEDA products. Our commitment to each customer is friendly and knowledgeable service. Our team understands your needs through years of experience in the recycling industry.”
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