Copex delivers the first Lidex scrap shear with 1,700 tons cutting force

The Lidex 1700 scrap shear (Foto: COPEX)

Caudan, France — Since the 2011 launch, the Lidex scrap shears with side compression from Copex were encountering a great success. Fifteen units with, either 800 tons, 1,000 tons and 1,300 tons shearing force, were installed by Copex around the world. Combining solidity and high productivity, the Lidex scrap shears of the new generation developed by Copex provide exceptional compacting and shearing efficiency. The first machine with 1,700 t cutting force has recently been commissioned by and delivered to the recycling company Fers et Metaux located in Fougerolles.

Fers et Metaux has been a Copex customer for more than three decades. The owner of the French recycling company, François Vialis, was seeking to increase quality of the sheared products as well as production capacities. His choice fall quite naturally on the Lidex 1700t. This machine which has a cutting width of 1,000 mm and a box width reduced to 700 mm, can process scrap and metals of very diverse types, such as oxy-cuttings, railway rails, as well as bales of concrete iron and demolition scrap. Having a cutting force of 1,700 tons and 8 hydraulic units of 90 kW each, the Copex scrap shear offers more versatility.

Convinced by the machine

The construction of the first unit with 1,700 t cutting force was backed by the large experience of Copex in the manufacturing of “huge” machines (a 2,200 t scrap shear is still being operated near Angoulême and another scrap shear with 1,750 tons cutting force was installed close to Tarbes).

„My father had a Copex shear, I purchased myself a Copex 1,350 t sixteen years ago. This machine gave me a lot of satisfaction, so I decided that it was time to buy a new scrap shear from Copex for the next generation“, underlines François Vialis, the owner of Fers et Metaux. „I would not have bought a machine ‚made in France‘ if I had not been convinced by the machine.“

„The fabrication of this machine required more than 15,000 working hours for Copex workshops. Considering the general current situation, this was very much appreciated by all the personnel“, comments Frédéric Malin, Copex Chairman. „We appreciated to be able to count on the big trust showed by our customer“.

With full automatic cycle

„We are not afraid about ‚monsters‘, but we do not wish to be considered as a manufacturer of huge machines only, as we have also a wide range of shears with smaller cutting forces which are used especially in the demolition industry“, precises Nicolas Bourbey, Copex Sales Manager. And adds: „Thanks to the oversized lid which covers more than 80 percent of the compression box, the Copex Lidex is the only machine in the world having a full automatic cycle. This cycle includes the dropping of the scrap from the pre-load table into the compression box, the closing of the box, the pre-compression of the log and the complete cutting cycle“,

Another plus of the Lidex 1700 t: The automatic cycle which contributes to considerably reduces the time necessary to load scrap materials. „Once I have completed the loading of the 8 m long pre-load table, using the three grabs, I use the radio remote control to start the automatic cycle, and I don’t have to care about the machine anymore. I can load trucks or sort out scrap“, explains the Copex machine operator at Fers et Metaux.

Source: Copex