Becoming the largest in Scotland: Shanks expands Cumbernauld AD facility by 100%

Cumbernauld AD facility (Foto: Shanks Group)

Milton Keynes, UK — International waste-to-product business, Shanks Group plc and its joint venture partner, Paragon Efficiencies, are in the final stages of expanding their Energen Biogas anaerobic digestion facility in Cumbernauld by 100 percent. When the works are completed, in April 2015, the plant will become Scotland’s largest AD facility.

The facility treats organic waste from local authorities, retail and food waste producers by maximising the amount of recyclable material recovered from food waste. Once the £5 million expansion is complete, the facility will be able to process more than 100,000 tonnes of food waste each year, generating up to 4.8 MW of renewable electricity every hour. Approximately 1800m3 of biogas per hour will be utilised to produce the electricity, which is exported to the National Grid. This green energy will be used to support approximately 50,000 local people by supplying electricity to around 12,000 homes each year.

Shanks, who have international expertise in organic waste processing, and Paragon, who have proven leading edge design capabilities, will jointly design and build the expansion. Once complete, the facility, which has been operating since 2011, will be well placed to process the anticipated increase in food waste that will be produced when Zero Waste Scotland comes into effect on 1 January 2016.

Peter Eglinton, Managing Director of Shanks’ UK Municipal Division, commented: „Organic waste is one of the most environmentally damaging forms of waste to be sent to landfill so I am delighted that our Cumbernauld AD facility is continuing to reduce this burden on the environment by doubling the amount of this waste which it is able to process.”

Robert Etherson, Operations Director at Energen Biogas, argued: „By expanding our facility we are able to significantly grow the renewables industry in Scotland and improve resource efficiency. Scotland’s vision where all waste is seen as a resource is one we are firmly aligned with and we are pleased we can contribute to making a Zero-Waste Scotland a reality.“

Source: Shanks Group