RecOil project team organizes round table on used cooking oil

Source: RecOil

Brussels — The RecOil project team organizes a round table “Used Cooking Oil to Biodiesel Chain towards 2030” on 3/03/2014 at the headquarter of the European Biomass Industry Association. The event is organised with the support of the European Commission under the Intelligent Energy Europe Programme of the Executive Agency for Small and Medium-sized Enterprises.

The European production of Used Cooking Oil (UCO) of domestic origin is 1.748 million tonnes per year. Today over 60 percent is improperly disposed off with associated harmful impact in terms of sewage clogging and water contamination. In fact, although the UCO generated by restaurants is collected and treated by authorised service providers, most of European countries lack drives and motivation for efficient collection systems to recover UCO produced by households.

According to a position paper by RecOil, main barriers are:

  • UCO collection and processing are affected by uncertainties in the EU and National Energy and Environment policy, which hinder investments in advanced biofuels based on non-edible feedstocks like UCO
  • National Framework, supporting measures to facilitate small producers / currently not available in some countries (making this not legal), not efficient in others
  • The limited use and production of advanced biofuels should also be addressed by developing higher blending targets for biodiesel
  • The lack of public and private financial resources to implement support measures hinders the expansion of advanced biofuels
  • The lack of clarity regarding the waste classification (by-product or waste) and the certification process limits the creation of value chains and a higher degree of UCO collection may lead to fraud risk and market distortions
  • Policy makers and the general public are not aware of the problems that no collection and disposal of UCO may produce

The full position paper can be downloaded from RecOil_position_paper . More information can be found under

Source: RecOil project