New, sustainable Stiba logo plaque in BlueRoots material delivered

Plaque made of BlueRoots (Foto: ARN)

Amsterdam, The Netherlands — This month, the new, sustainable Stiba logo plaques for installation at the entrance will be delivered to all 134 Stiba dismantling companies. The new plaques are produced from an environmentally-friendly composite, traded under the brand name ‘BlueRoots’. The basis of BlueRoots is material from recycled cars from the PST plant in Tiel, plus a biobased resin.

BlueRoots was developed by ARN Recycling and NPSP. The composite is manufactured in an environmentally-friendly process, is extremely strong and can be cast and printed. The number of possible applications is huge. As well as plaques and street signs, this weatherproof material can also be used for making street furniture. In the current phase, production is still mainly carried out manually at NPSP in Werkendam. The plaques for Stiba are produced by way of a prototype. BlueRoots is an excellent example of a new application for materials from the PST plant. The development was partly made possible by a grant from LIFE+, the European Union programme for the development and implementation of European nature and environmental policy.

“BlueRoots could become a great example for the circular economy, an economic system that aims to maximise the reuse of products and raw materials, and to minimise value destruction,” explaines Willem Böttger, director of NPSP BV. “As opposed to today’s linear economy, in which raw materials are converted into products that are simply destroyed at the end of their useful life. Circular business models will represent ever greater competition for the traditional, linear model. They create more value per unit of raw material. Given the apparent increasing scarcity of raw materials, that is of vital importance. According to McKinsey, the potential to save on materials is huge, and in Europe alone could lead to many new employment opportunities.”

Stiba is the Dutch sector organisation for certified car, motorcycle, truck and related motor vehicle dismantling companies. The placing of environmentally-friendly produced plaques is a small but tangible example of how Stiba is putting sustainable business principles into practice.

Source: ARN