Van Gansewinkel starts providing waste management for KwikFit Group

At KwikFit distribution point (Foto: Van Gansewinkel)

Eindhoven, The Netherlands — Effective immediately, Van Gansewinkel is starting to collect and processing the waste from over 200 establishments of the KwikFit Group in the Benelux. Of the more than 1,900 tonnes of waste collected at KwikFit, 1,500 tonnes are recycled and is given a second life. By means of this collaboration, Van Gansewinkel actively supports the auto service chain’s sustainability goals by sorting waste in a sustainable manner.

KwikFit is the largest auto service chain in Europe, with over 200 service points in the Benelux. Van Gansewinkel is taking charge of the collection and treatment of different types of waste for the KwikFit Group’s locations in the Netherlands and Belgium. These sites include distribution points, service centres and office spaces, a variety that has a on the types of waste to be processed.

To separate as much as possible

„KwikFit is a client looking for a waste manager that is able to separate as much of the waste as possible collected from all sites and provide it with a second life“, says Dennis Leeuwerik, Director of Marketing & Sales at Van Gansewinkel. „Thus we collect all paper and cardboard from the offices and distribution centres. The waste streams from the service centres is a bit more substantial. There we collect lead batteries, scrap metal, wheel lead, motor oil, coolant, brake oil and commercial (small) hazardous waste.“

The waste management company will collect a total of over 1,900 tonnes of waste, of which nearly 80 percent will, after treatment, be given a second life as raw materials.

Van Gansewinkel collects the various streams of waste with a view to minimizing the number of logistical movements in the process. „This allows us to optimize the collection process, thereby reducing CO2 emissions“, Leeuwerik adds. „That also contributes to achieving the sustainability goals pursued by KwikFit in its policy of giving waste a second life wherever possible.“

Separation at source

Van Gansewinkel will work with KwikFit to separate waste as much as possible at source and to maximize the amount of material reused. Van Gansewinkel locates a wide range of collection methods for this purpose, and will continue wherever possible expand further. „This is yet another major step towards ‚greening'“, says Paul van der Leer, Supply Chain Director at KwikFit. „I am very pleased that after the considerable progress we made last year in terms of waste reduction and reducing CO2 emissions, we are again making a leap forward in improving our waste management and limiting our CO2 footprint. Thanks to our collaboration with Van Gansewinkel, nearly 80 percent of our waste can be ‚reincarnated‘ as raw material. This fits perfectly within our vision of sustainable maintenance and our mission to be an innovative organization.“

Source: Van Gansewinkel Group