ERT licences Earth Enterprises to use Pim technology in the US

Source: Environmental Recycling Technologies

Oxon, UK — Environmental Recycling Technologies plc, the patent rights holder to the Powder Impression Moulding („PIM“) process, has announced that it has granted a non-exclusive licence to Earth Enterprises, Inc., of Colorado, USA. The PIM process converts mixed waste plastics into commercially viable products.

The licence granted allows for the manufacture and sale of flat sheet products within the territory of the United States. Under the terms of the licence, Earth Enterprises will pay ERT a licence and knowledge transfer fee of US-$ 150,000. In addition to this sum Earth Enterprises will pay to ERT an annual royalty based on the volume of products sold.

The initial scale of the Earth Enterprises PIM production plant is scheduled to produce 40,000 units per annum with built-in capacity to expand as sales increase. Earth Enterprises has secured a Colorado state capital grant of US-$ 933,000 to invest in the machinery required for the PIM process.

Earth Enterprises (which operates as Waste-Not Recycling) is an experienced provider of comprehensive recycling services. Waste-Not continually explores innovative processing and marketing opportunities for recycling materials that have led to new product opportunities for items that are normally viewed as being hard-to-recycle. Over the past 25 years Waste-Not has grown to be one of the recycling industry’s leading experts in commercial waste recycling and waste-stream management, specializing in industrial recycling and materials management for businesses across the US.

Commenting on the announcements, Lee Clayton, Managing Director of ERT, said: „This is another positive step in the roll out of our flat sheet capability in North America where our existing licensee is focussed on engineered product for specific industrial applications. Earth Enterprises is known for its focus on new manufacturing opportunities for materials that are normally viewed as being un-recyclable. It is therefore fitting and we are very pleased that they should choose to licence our proven PIM technology which can convert mixed waste plastics into commercial product.“

Commenting from Waste-Not Recycling, Anita Comer, President and Todd Loose, Vice President, stated: „We are very excited to partner with ERT to bring the PIM technology to the United States where we will turn scrap plastics into a variety of products. We strive to use innovative technologies to improve material value for our clients as well as increase the types and volumes of waste that we can recycle. This new manufacturing capability will be a triple bottom line – good for the People of Colorado and good for the Planet while enhancing Profitability.“

Source: Environmental Recycling Technologies