World-wide synthetic turf recycling program appears successful

Kunstrasen (Foto: ©Rainer Sturm /

Vancouver, Canada — Target Technologies International Inc. (TTII) and Poly-Pacific Inc. of Hong Kong are very pleased with the feedback received on their world-wide Synthetic Turf Recycling Program. The synthetic turf industry puts in about 1.000 new fields annually with hundreds of old fields being replaced. It is paramount that owners, engineers, architects and the synthetic turf industry take stewardship and responsibility of the used synthetic turf at the end of its life cycle.

John B. Giraud, Managing Director of Target Technologies, asks: „Why fill up our landfills when we have a waste stream option that is environmentally friendly and price competitive? Owners, architects and engineers are at the mercy of the ‚reuse system‘ because the paper trail is incomplete. It really is an unknown if the synthetic turf is being reused or if it is actually sitting in a warehouse or on a property somewhere, sometimes for years waiting for a new home while it inevitably disintegrates. Why shoulder the burden and potential liability?“

The organisation`s program documents the chain of custody from the time the containers arrive on site until 100 percent of the synthetic turf is recycled into resalable post consumer products so you have assurance the right thing is being done. Once the process is complete a Certificate of Compliance is issued. This paper trail is essential for a proper recycling program.

TTII’s program converts 100 percent of the synthetic turf (backing and fibres) and turns the worn out turf into building products like posts, planks, lumber, irrigation pipes, residential flexible grass curbing and other products in accordance to the definitions and spirit of the EPA regulations. These post consumer products are currently in retail outlets now for resale. In some cases the fibres are processed and sold back into the plastics industry. This is an excellent solution for the mounting problem facing the synthetic turf industry.

Source: PRNewswire