Luxus commercialises lightweight polypropylene with recycled content

Luxus Managing Director Peter Atterby presenting car with Hycolene components (Foto: Luxus Ltd)

Louth, UK — The UK technical compounder and recycler Luxus will be EU funded to commercialise its Hycolene™ range of lightweight polypropylene (PP) compounds. Hycolene can be delivered of either prime or a more sustainable grade made from up to 60 per cent recycled content. As Luxus Managing Director, Peter Atterby explained, Hycolene „offers the potential to make a major difference to interior car components design and manufacture as it is able to deliver a significant weight saving of around 20 kg per vehicle when used“.

By January 2015 the European auto industry must re-use and recycle 85% of the vehicle’s weight.

Hycolene has been developed to replace standard talc filled grades for car interior components it offers high scratch resistance and a reduced filler content of just 10 per cent, down from a typical 25 per cent for talc filled Polypropylene automotive grade. As it’s lighter it can also deliver a 12 per cent increase in mouldings per tonne – all this without compromising on design, strength or performance.

Luxus Managing Director, Peter Atterby underlined: “The combination of increasingly stringent safety and environmental regulations together with the need for enhanced vehicle performance while still reducing costs has created a challenging environment for the industry in recent year.“

And he added: “Innovative polymer development on its own however isn’t enough, having supported the auto industry for 30 years, it’s clear that the large scale adoption of lightweight materials needs to be significantly speeded up. We believe this is only possible through greater collaboration between manufacturers, designers and suppliers so that’s why we’ve launched our ‚lightening the load on the auto industry‘ campaign.“

Source: Luxus Limited