Falkenberg: Scotland`s anti -litter campaign is a „shining light“ in Europe

Source: Keep Scotland Beautiful

Stirling — Keep Scotland Beautiful, Scotland’s national charity for the environment, has hailed the endorsement of Karl Falkenberg, The European Commission’s Director General for the Environment, for its Clean Up Scotland Campaign. Mr Falkenberg has picked out Scotland’s anti-litter campaign, as being an example of best practice with lessons for the rest of Europe facing the same litter menace.

Speaking from Brussels, Karl Falkenberg, Director General for the Environment at the European Commission, said: „We know that litter is a common problem across the EU, and our shared blame for marine litter in the North Sea is something we need to work together to eliminate. The Clean Up Scotland Campaign is a shining light of positive action against the litter problem that we can all learn from – I want to congratulate all those who have taken part so far for the difference they have made.“

The endorsement has been welcomed by Derek Robertson, Chief Executive of Keep Scotland Beautiful, and President of the Clean Europe Network: „I’m proud of the way we are starting the fight back against Scotland’s litter problem, and this recognition from across Europe indicates that the impact we are making is being noticed. The Stop Litter Now! Summit was a great opportunity to share best practice with our partner organisations across the continent.“

„We have got much to learn from them, but also lot’s to share, with an incredible 500,000 volunteer actions having been recorded during our first two years. These are individuals and groups that have stepped forward to do their bit to clean up in their local communities“, Derek Robertson underlined and added: „I’m particularly proud of the way in which we have brought together a national coalition for action against litter – made up of Government, local authorities, major corporates, small businesses, community groups and individuals. When we work together to stop litter, nothing can stop us!“

Source: Keep Scotland Beautiful