PV Cycle France SAS accredited by French ministry for PV module waste management

Source: PV CYCLE

Paris — PV Cycle has received full Government accreditation to manage WEEE administration and waste treatment for photovoltaic (PV) modules under French WEEE legislation. Effective January 1st, 2015, PV Cycle France SAS is the only scheme to be authorized to provide WEEE-compliance and waste management services for category 11 products in France.

With the entry into force of French WEEE legislation in August 2014, PV waste management has become a legally-binding requirement for any France-based importer or manufacturer . Founded in February 2014 to offer dedicated legal compliance and waste management solutions for the French industry, PV Cycle France has since satisfied French ministry and industry with its leading PV waste operations. With more than 10,000 tonnes of treated PV modules and a comprehensive collection network, PV Cycle is the only PV-focused scheme in Europe to operate at industrial scale.

„Respecting both environmental as well as economic aspects are key to successful waste management under WEEE“, said Jan Clyncke, Managing Director at PV Cycle Association. „I believe that together with our long- time knowledge of the PV industry and waste, we can offer what is a win-win for everybody.“

„We are proud to have convinced as the only scheme in France. But our work does not stop here“, added Nicolas Defrenne, Country Manager for France. „We are currently focusing all our efforts on further expanding our collection network to getting even closer to the end-user as well as informing Producers who are not yet compliant with the new legislation“.

Source: PV Cycle France SAS