BPF Recycling Group: Separate targets for locally recycled / exported plastics

Source: British Plastics Federation Recycling Group

London, UK — The BPF Recycling Group (BPFRG) has today launched its new manifesto for 2014 with a strong message of PRN/PERN system reform for plastics. The manifesto sets out powerful arguments to enable the plastics recycling sector to meet the Government’s low carbon manufacturing ambitions which are central to meeting aspirations of a circular economy and resource efficiency. In the document, the BPFRG proposes a series of policies which focus on driving the use of increased volumes of recycled plastics in UK manufacturing to create wealth and employment.

The Group’s flagship policy reform is a split on the plastics packaging recycling targets to distinguish recycling in the local market (UK and EU) from that which is exported outside Europe. The proposal is for this to be achieved through the existing PRN/PERN mechanism, such that there is a progressive weighting towards increased local recycling year on year. This – says the manifesto – is fundamental to the principle of proximity within the circular economy, will create traction to encourage investment in recycling infrastructure and will lead to the development of secure end markets for recycled plastics.

The manifesto comes at a time when the EU is calling for a fundamental review of its waste strategy through to 2030 and proposing landfill bans and substantially higher recycling targets for municipal waste and packaging materials.

Roger Baynham , Chairman of the BPF’s Recycling Group , said: „The proposals contained in this manifesto are designed not only to provide a route map to deliver the best environmental outcomes from plastic waste but also to create new low carbon manufacturing jobs in the vanguard of the circular economy. The BPFRG believes the future proofing of markets for waste can only be achieved by ensuring that  traction exists to encourage investment in recycling infrastructure and  innovation  to develop new markets and applications for recycled plastics.“

The full BPFRG manifesto can be downloaded under bpf.co.uk.

Source: British Plastics Federation